Volume Purchase Program – Business

The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and educational institutions to purchase apps and books in volume and distributes them to their users.

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for business makes it simple to find, buy and distribute apps in bulk for your organisation.

There are several benefits to the VPP program:

  • Purchases can be made using a purchase order, an option not available when buying directly from iTunes.
  • Managed Distribution: Assign apps to users on iOS 7 or higher using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. You retain ownership of apps, permitting you to revoke them from one Apple ID and reassign them to another, if needed.
  • Program Facilitator accounts can be created. These designate individuals within your institution who are authorised to buy apps through the VPP for Education.

About Us 

Pentagon Digital is the longest established Apple Authorised Reseller in Australia. We are based in Mont Albert, right on the border of Surrey Hills, at the intersection of Whitehorse Road and Union Road, just up from Box Hill.

We serve the business, consumer, government, medical, legal, education and corporate markets. With over 30 years experience since 1982 , we provide the solutions to meet your needs that also gives the best return on your I.T. investment. No project is too large or small for our dedicated team.

We operate a full-on Apple authorised service repair centre with fast turn-around.

Request a free quote

Pentagon provides an assessment of the cost to repair faulty equipment and fix software glitches.
We also furnish insurance quotes and do onsite technical audits of your network, IP address of each network device, network speed, wireless network extension and modem checks.
And there is no appointment necessary, anyone can just walk in and get "beyond genius" advice and support.
Pentagon has its own carpark right next to our store.

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