• Vincent
    • September 14, 2016

    Hi there,

    I had a problem with my MacBook Pro 13′ because the battery was not charging anymore. After many verifications, it occurred that the MagSafe was functioning normally and resetting the SMC did not help.
    My laptop is my work tool and I needed it to be repaired as quick as possible : the closest Apple stores around me could not give me any appointment before 4/5 days so I went to Pentagon (as requested by Apple’s after sales service).

    I was warmly welcomed and advised so I decided to leave them the laptop for hardware change (the motherboard was the issue). The hardware was changed in only two days and as I was still covered by the Apple care program it did not cost me a thing.
    I just want to say that i am really happy with Pentagon’s team : quick and professional, I would definitely recommend it !

    • Norm Smith
    • July 27, 2016

    I discovered a great Apple shop just around the corner, in Mont Albert. They are Apple Resellers – I had some work done on my daughter’s computer and retrieved data (despite what I was told by everyone else) from a back up disk (Apple Time-Capsule) – which I thought was lost. Great shop and great service – I need to tell everyone. Pentagon at the corner of Whitehorse & Union Roads, Mont Albert. Happy Chappy.

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    A Quick outline of who we are – we are a small Cabinet Making Business that relies on our Computer Gear for everyday work.
    We had a problem with the scanner and printer, which Pentagon had initially supplied and installed, so we made a call to the Team at Pentagon to report the issue.
    Helmut sent a member of his team out the next morning , with an Interim Canon item, whilst they sort out the rogue Printer.
    I must say we were never off line and were able to, most importantly, scan and send documents, transfer various plans and elevations, etc due to their quick support. Pentagon, I feel, maintains the highest level of dedication and commitment to ensure customers’ satisfaction.
    I must say that there is no other company i would trust with our Computing Equipment other than Pentagon, Helmut and his Can-Do attitude Team

    With thanks,
    Scott Staples
    Clockit Cabinet Makers

    • Darren Yeates
    • June 30, 2016

    Hi there Helmut & Roger,

    I’d just like to express my appreciation for the work you have done for me, I handed over to you a badly broken iMac 27 and you gave me back, not only a working machine but an up to date flying machine.
    Printer works, internet, email the entire experience is just fabulous.

    Roger called me every step of the way as we made descisions about the re-build and was very much appreciated. Good O’l customer service and plenty of it, lives at Pentagon Digital.

    I can’t even describe how happy I am about the price, pickup, work – delivery just sensational.

    “Leave your Mac, you’ll be happy when you get it back ……….”

    Darren Yeates

    • Isabel Patchett
    • June 4, 2016

    Dear Helmut ,
    Thank you so much for your email with pictures along with explanations of how to check my adapters. Some time ago I received an email about these, but as I thought mine were ok.
    I did nothing about them, I did not realise that the ones I have could be pulled apart to reveal the inner section showing the characters inside.
    Thank goodness your email has so clearly explained how to check the Duckheads. I have four of them Helmut, so I will come over one day very soon to change them.
    I will be there before the middle of next week. Once again thank you, Helmut.
    Isabel Patchett

    • Tim R
    • April 29, 2016

    I wondered what the future was for an independent Apple dealer with an Apple company store close by, but the level of service was so high at Pentagon that I wonder no more

    • Sam B
    • April 29, 2016

    It astounds me how so few people take the time to just say thanks. Helmut, no drop outs since you updated that port, so a BIG THANK YOU to you and the team. That’s why I keep coming back and spending my money in your store as opposed to the chaos at Apple Doncaster

    • Adele Dimopoulos
    • April 28, 2016

    Our warmest thanks to the wonderful team at Pentagon. Having you in the background has given us a peace of mind in knowing that you have been – and will continue to be – there for us when needed.

    My love to you and Violetta

    • Pam Heath
    • April 12, 2016

    wonderful support with my apple products Easy to follow explanations. A great neighbourhood find.

    • Barry Stillman
    • March 21, 2016

    Just to let you know that I am delighted with my upgrade to a new Computer.
    Everything that matters is up and running… internet, email, printer, and
    I have found only one of my apps that needs an upgrade for full functionality.
    On first use, the printer asked for permission to download a few new replacement
    files, which it did seamlessly. Even one of my apps, which would not previously
    work without first changing down the screen resolution, no longer makes this
    request when I open it.

    Your own support, including your efforts re choice of operating system, were
    clearly explained and efficient. I was particularly impressed with the short
    time between my request and your provisision of the new computer with all
    of my data copied across from my Time machine… in essence less than one

    This is not the first time I have needed the services of Pentagon Digital,
    and I have always recieved the same friendly efficient service.