Warranty Mac Repairs

Pentagon provides warranty service for Mac.

Pentagon Digital provides warranty service for Mac while they are under warranty. If you are not sure whether your device is still under warranty, you can contact us on 03 9896 1555 or email us the serial number of your Apple product by clicking here.

Please note physical damage, software issues and data transfer are not considered warranty issues and may be subject to service fee. To book your Apple product in for service at Pentagon Digital, no appointment is needed so you can walk in at any time during working hours. If you are using your Apple product for business, you can book a priority repair that attracts a “go-to-the-top” of the service queue fee.

Turnaround time to fix or replace parts varies and depends on the diagnostic results and it can take from 2 days up to 7 working days.

Pricing List

Backup & Mac Data Transferfrom $185
Hard Drive Data Recoveryfrom $220
Liquid Damage Data Recoveryfrom $185
Hard Drive Replacements & Data Transferfrom $440
Solid State Drive Replacements & Upgradesfrom $695
Memory (RAM) Upgradesfrom $150
Insurance Report & Quotation$185

How to get your Mac ready for service

To protect your information and save time, follow these steps before you take your device to our service centre.

If your device won't turn on or respond, complete as many steps as possible:

  • Back up your mac. (If possible)
  • Have your log in password ready. For some repairs, you’ll need your Apple ID password.
  • Bring your sales receipt (if possible), in case your service requires proof of purchase.
  • Bring along your device and any accessories that you need help with.
  • Bring personal identification, like a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID.