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POSiSales - Pay Once, Pay No More

POSiSales is a standalone point of sale (POS) for iPad, addressing small business needs requiring sales and transaction management at a much lower cost than a fully-fledged computer based POS system.

POSiSales lets the user place orders, invoice products, e-mail the order to a customer, the warehouse, kitchen or reception printer.

The system, comprising an iPad, the POSiSales app, Airport Express, receipt printer and cash drawer is ideal for use in a variety of industries, from sales in bakeries, homewares, cafes, the small grocery store to service-based businesses, restaurants, a ticketing agency, even a mobile van, wherever sales need to be made fast and easy!


Main features include:

  • Records and invoice sales
  • Ordering
  • Cash flow tracking
  • Export Reports - sales transactions by line item, tax, profit, product sales tally, user login & time, customer records, all in CSV format
  • Invoices can be set up to deal with "Tables" (e.g. Cafe, Restaurant) or Sets or Jobs (e.g Plumber, Florist, Grocery business)
  • Till Reconciliation is included
  • User login with password allows time worked to be recorded and sent as a CSV report to Dropbox
  • "Eat In or "To Go" can be designated against any order
Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

LightSpeed Point-of-Sale & Inventory Management

LightSpeed is software that runs on the Mac OS X.

It meets point-of-sale and inventory management needs with an abundant set of features that will help run your business.

LightSpeed is a robust, fully integrated POS and retail management suite for Mac, Mobile, iPad and eCommerce. It allows you to re-invent and modernise your retail experience.

LightSpeed for Mac is a complete solution for retailers who want both an industry-leading point of sale, inventory management and powerful back-office tools for analysis.

LightSpeed simplifies your workflow and lets you focus on what’s really important: giving your customers the best experience possible.


LightSpeed Key Features include:

  • Inventory: Item import, Catalogues, Vendor purchase orders, Multiple product variants, Item types, Orders, Integrated inventory, Customer data, Branding, Centralised Reporting etc.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Retail analytics, Employee tracking, Exportable reports, Remote reporting, Accounting integrations, Real-time data
  • Loyalty: Customer relationships, Customer sales history, Customer lifetime value, Customer accounts, Customer types, Gift cards
  • Mobility and Cloud: Cut waiting lines, Personalized branding, Show and tell, Quick employee training time, On the spot transactions, Mobile inventory