Cables & Adapters


Pentagon offers Apple official Cables & Adapters and others from ALogic.


External Power Adapters & Chargers


Pentagon provides Apple official power adapters and chargers.




Pentagon provides earphones from Apple (Earpods & Airpods) and B&O.


Hubs (Ethernet, USB, Firewire, SD Card)


Pentagon provides hubs from Apple and ALogic.


Cases & Covers


Pentagon provides cases and covers from Apple, Moshi, Speck, STM, UAG, CMI and NVS.


Screen & Keyboard Protectors


Pentagon provides screen protectors from NVS and CMI. Keyboard protectors from Moshi.


Keyboard & Mice


Pentagon provides Keyboard & Mice from Apple.


Bags & Carry Cases


Pentagon provides bags and carry cases from STM.


Power Banks / UPS


Pentagon provides power banks and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).


Stands & Organizers


Pentagon provides stands and tables from Cygnett, Griffin and more.




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