Backup – Business

Want to have the ultimate peace of mind for all your business/personal data? Pentagon has you covered with backup solutions which provide redundant anti-failure systems integrated with encryption for maximum security and peace of mind. We can provide Cloud back, where all the data residing inside your computer and connected drives will be entirely cloned in the Cloud so it sits behind the toughest encryption gates and only you can access those backups.

You can download a free restore of 1 file or all your files anywhere in the world. There are even options to have a 128GB flash drive sent FedEx to you or an external drive with up to 4TB capacity.

This backup system provides:

  • Automatic Backup Of All Files
  • Unlimited Data, Unlimited Filetypes
  • Quick and Easy File Restores
  • Automatic File Encryption
  • Convenient Smart-phone Access

Pentagon also provides backup solutions via a RAID (redundant array of independent drives) comprising multiple drives in the one enclosure where software “stripping” across all the drives allows one to swap-out a faulty drive allowing data to rebuild automatically onto the new drive, so no data is ever lost.

The third backup technique is with Apple’s Time Capsule, where Time Machine software is used to backup the Mac’s hard drive to the external hard drive inside the wireless Time Capsule, on the hour, every hour, without human intervention.

About Us 

Pentagon Digital is the longest established Apple Authorised Reseller in Australia. We are based in Mont Albert, right on the border of Surrey Hills, at the intersection of Whitehorse Road and Union Road, just up from Box Hill.

We serve the business, consumer, government, medical, legal, education and corporate markets. With over 30 years experience since 1982 , we provide the solutions to meet your needs that also gives the best return on your I.T. investment. No project is too large or small for our dedicated team.

We operate a full-on Apple authorised service repair centre with fast turn-around.

Request a free quote

Pentagon provides an assessment of the cost to repair faulty equipment and fix software glitches.
We also furnish insurance quotes and do onsite technical audits of your network, IP address of each network device, network speed, wireless network extension and modem checks.
And there is no appointment necessary, anyone can just walk in and get "beyond genius" advice and support.
Pentagon has its own carpark right next to our store.

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